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In Human Form - Death Fans Unite

Dark Emotions Run Through Its Veins

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"Life is fast
So take your chance
And make it last"

~Chuck Schuldiner

Welcome to the first (and seemingly the only) community dedicated to technical metal's greatest band...

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C h u c k . S c h u l d i n e r

Vocalist * Guitarist * Songwriter
The Godfather Of Death Metal
1967 - 2001

Dedicated to his eternal memory, this community
is for those who see the beautiful brutality in
Death's music, a voice of the soul in a world so
full of empty words.

-- Created, maintained, and moderated by ancient_echoes --

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1. As simple and obvious as these should be, they should be respected regardless. No Death-bashing.
2. No spamming or flooding.
3. Don't be a scavenger of human sorrow: respect the opinions and interests of others.
4. Chuck Schuldiner was a musical genius and a metal guitar god. Period. Respect his legacy.
5. Violaters will be dealt with.
6. See graphic below: