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Well, I would've also accepted METAL IS FOREVER!!, METAL UP YOUR ASS!! or the classic BREAK SHIT! (see Iced Earth - Alive In Athens video).

In any case, tomorrow, October 1st, is my official Metal Day. I may have posted this last year as well, can't remember, but I'm posting again. Exactly three years ago, I listened to my first true metal song. I shall regale you with the story.

I was downloading AMV's (Anime Music Videos) like Linkin Park and Offspring type stuff when I stumbled across this gem. (A link to the download). I listened to Dark Saga and fell in love with it almost immediately. After that, I bought the album and it stayed in my discman for a month, an unbroken personal record so far.

Around that time, I also disovered Demons and Wizards which led me to Blind Guardian. It took a while, but I did get into Iron Maiden as well, and those three are my top three favorite bands of all time.

And thus, I was reborn metal.

Raise your hand if you think I'm a fucking moron.

So yeah, every October 1st, I listen to only Iced Earth and wear Iced Earth stuff. And I will also be hailing people in metal ways at work (heh, hope my boss doesn't care). So celebrate the spirit of your first metal encounter... if you're a loser like me and know exactly what day you fell in love with it.

Anyway, band of the day was Stratovarius. Rock on!

~ R a i n e
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